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My first visit was at about two-thirty during lunchtime. I noticed that a lot more players were in the game room playing roulette and slots than at lunch. The food at this casino was very good. I sampled their spicy tuna casserole which was very tasty and the waiter was extremely helpful in making sure that I won’t have a complaint. I was treated extremely well both by the staff and the game room staff.

After spending about two hours at bonnsoir.de, I decided to try out the slots. The house was fairly loaded with players at this time, so I was lucky that there were only a few left in the machine that I was playing in. The results were excellent. The jackpot was much larger than the amount of money I had won, but that was certainly the best part of the trip.

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casino review websiteThe bonnsoir.de casino review website is definitely one of the best ways to find out information about this wonderful casino. Their slot machine reviews provide the players with a great deal of information such as which games are best to play on a Sunday afternoon and when is the best time of day to play. If you enjoy playing slots at casinos, bonnsoir.de can be a great location to check out.

There are some things that you need to remember when going to bonnsoir.de. This casino has the best times to play, which means that it will be crowded at certain times of the week. One thing to keep in mind is that it is best to arrive early for a good game. This way you won’t miss the big rush. Another thing that you need to take note of is that the hours change during the week, so if it is a busy time of day, make sure you are aware of what time the game room opens.

It is also best to play on the weekend because it is the best time to get a good rate. bonnsoir.de boasts a number of slot machines that offer rates at the lowest possible rates. On Friday and Saturday, the rate for playing slots is usually the highest. However, on Sunday, the rate for slot machine play is generally lower. It is important to remember this because there are plenty of people who play on the weekend who may want to play a slot machine.

One last tip: the bonnsoir.de site also offers an online casino review that gives the readers a good idea of what this casino has to offer and the pros and cons of gambling at the online casino. You can read some online casino reviews of the bonnsoir.de site by visiting the bonnsoir.de review site or even going straight to the bonnsoir.de website itself. bonnsoir.de is certainly one of the top casinos in Germany. If you want to gamble well online in safe and legal surroundings, it is very worthwhile to play at this casino.