Banana odyssey


Officially announced and demoed at the now all-important London igaming conference last year, Banana Odyssey was hyped to be one of the next big-budget RPG’s on the market. In the months leading up to the convention, however, it became apparent that the project was going to be pretty big trouble for publisher Playful Corporation. The games that were shown at the conference looked like they would be very much below the level of previous games in the genre, or even cancelled ones. By showing a game that had not been shown at any previous event, Nintendo was likely hoping to get people interested by giving them something that reminded them of past releases. Unfortunately, it turned out that Nintendo’s new RPG won’t feature any of the elements from past releases, in order to try and make more money from a product that hasn’t done so well with previous RPG’s. And now we’ve found out that it’s not quite as bad as we thought it was.

Banana Odyssey is a game based on the somewhat bizarre but fun fruit that has been increasing in popularity across the UK over the past couple of years. You take on the task of trying to feed 1000 bananas into a slot machine, hoping that you do so without it bouncing off the reels. The idea is that bananas are randomly placed in certain areas of the land, each awarding you points when you eat them. The game is somewhat like slot machines, but instead of the reels, there are several expanding wilds of different colours which rotate whenever a banana is flipped. The aim is to hit the correct area to earn enough points to activate a re-spin, allowing you to collect more bananas (but increasing your chances of them popping out of the wilds, which can earn you more points).

The problem is that this game operates on a very simple and basic mathematical system – there are just a handful of rules and basic rules that govern its behaviour, and no consideration is given to the aesthetics. In other words, Banana Odyssey is visually uninteresting, and not a great deal of thought has gone into the design or aesthetics. In its basic form, all you see are bananas dishing out the points by hitting them with a slot machine paddle. In addition, most of the artwork is over-used and cartoonish, with little to no regard for the actual game mechanics of earning points and preventing the game from awarding you points when you aren’t looking. That said, despite this obvious faults, there are still some great points in Banana Odyssey.

One of those great points is that this is one of the few games where you don’t have to play entirely by yourself to earn your points. The wild symbol system is a multiplayer online game where you can play with up to four other players either locally or via IM or chat. This means that banana farming can be done with ease, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the game such as expanding wilds feature if you wish. You can even earn points while playing other players simultaneously, giving you an unbeatable opportunity to level up your character and collect more bananas in the process.

Additionally, the free spins bonus that comes with banana odyssey slots is a fantastic way to earn extra money on the slots. While it isn’t much, a small advantage does go along way when trying to get ahead in the game – if you manage to win a bet through the free spins bonus, you will get additional money added to your daily bankroll. On top of that, you also get the chance to earn money through the actual game play, where you place your bets and watch the results of said bets after they’re placed. There’s not much to compare with the actual free spins of real slots, especially when it allows you to place bets on wild symbols instead of numbers.

All things considered, there really aren’t any flaws with banana odyssey slot machine – though it would be nice to have access to all three rows of chips in case a particular bet offers you a better return than the rest. It’s also nice to be able to switch between the three rows of chips, as well as between different game play modes, which include single or multi-line. You could also try a five-line slot, though having access to all three rows wouldn’t hurt the slots experience overall.