Book of atem


Book of Atem has become a popular high-variance video slot machine offering a non Progressive slot jackpot (non-reward) of imum $125,000. An ancient Egyptian temple plays as the backdrop for the spinning reels. The reels are linked and when they stop the machines stop too. There are icons displayed on the screen to indicate which reels are currently running. If you win, a small amount of money will be added to your virtual bankroll.

The Book of Atem slot machine is so-called because it operates in the same way as a traditional casino game – whereby one pushes a button when starting a spin. In this case, you do not use coins, but you do play with real money. Each time you hit on city four times, the machine will generate a five-credit limit. After playing your maximum win limit, the reels stop and the amount disbursed to you will be the amount printed on the screen. To earn more credits, you have to continue to play.

Despite its name, the Book of Atem may not actually be a casino game. It is more likely a mystery slot machine that requires you to bet a large amount in order to win the maximum amount of money. There is no way for players to determine the value of their bets without testing it using the Book of Atem spins bonus. Although there are some online guides, it would still be better if you were able to visit an actual casino to use the Book of Atem for yourself.

The Book of Atem has a relatively high payout rate. Although it can be characterized as having high volatility, it actually pays better if you can identify which combinations are good bets. You can do this by looking at the list of symbols on the machine. You need to look out for patterns or colors that can help you tell which combination will be profitable. In addition to the frequency of its wins, the size of the winnings are also dependent on the pattern of the game, namely the number of AtEm spins.

Despite its high portable, this slot machine is not recommended for new players. This is because it uses high strike rate and the game is strictly dependent on luck. The next time you want to test it out, do not make the mistake of betting a large amount of capital on it. Playing on this game requires a lot of skill so do not expect to earn millions from it. Only dedicated slot players can earn money from this game.

When trying to identify which Book of Atem to play, you should first notice the symbol displayed on the reels. The symbol located on the top-right corner denotes a maximum win while those with a smaller logo are said to have lower maximum win. It is important to note that there are five hundred possible combinations when trying to identify which Book of Atem to play. The five-card deck is referred to as the Book of Atem, and the higher the card count, the higher the payout.