Era of gods

Era of Gods Casino Online Game Review

If you’re a fan of Egyptian history and mythology, you’ll enjoy Era of Gods. This 5-reel, 25-payline slot has a sweeping orchestral soundtrack and a theme of Egyptian palace building. Its symbols include the Egyptian gods, ankh cross, pyramids, scarab beetles, and the eye of Ra. The game pays out the highest win on any active line.

The first era of the world of Andremond was known as the Age of Gods, spanning the years before Emperor Jimmu’s reign. It is also known as the Kami-yo or Jindai era, and is chronicled in the upper roll of the Kojiki and the first and second chapters of Nihon Shoki. After Jimmu’s reign, the world changed from a godly realm to a human one, so humans were born.

In the competitive era, there are five players known as the “Five Gods”. While the order of the Five Gods is rarely fixed and is subject to tournament results, each player has proven that they are able to challenge them. However, each has maintained a place in the elite list for their skill. This does not mean that they are unbeatable, but it does show that the game has a place for them.