Rocket men

A 2018 nonfiction book, Rocket Men, recounts the story of NASA’s Apollo 8 mission, the first crewed spacecraft to reach the Moon and return safely to Earth. In a compelling story, readers will learn how the men of Apollo 8 pushed their bodies beyond their physical limits to accomplish an impossible mission. But how did they do it? And how do they stay alive after their missions are over? Read on to find out. We’ll also examine the reasons why rocket men fail.

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The book’s author Robert Kurson tells the story of the astronauts’ journey to space and how their work helped make it happen. The book also covers the early days of the space program, as President Kennedy proposed the moon landing within a decade. The story is well worth reading. The underlying message of the book is that rockets do exist, and we can make the dream of space exploration happen. It will change our world forever. You may even want to read it yourself.