Space christmas

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There are many reasons to celebrate Space Christmas. Astronauts on the International Space Station spend the Christmas season in a cramped space station, but that doesn’t stop them from celebrating with traditional trappings. They even wear Santa space suits! The astronauts may even get a day off! So, what can you expect from your astronaut friends on the International Space Station this season? Here are some ideas. You may even get a video call!

Symbols: During the game, you will see various futuristic symbols, like space suits and candies. These symbols can pay 2.5, fifteen, and 40 times your stake. The gold star can substitute for any other symbols on the screen. You can win up to a million dollars by getting the wild. It also replaces low-paying symbols. This game is suitable for beginners and experienced players. If you’re new to online slot machines, Space Christmas is a good choice.

Music: While there’s no song more associated with Christmas than Jingle Bells, it’s not all about the holidays. In fact, the first piece of music to be broadcast in space was a prank! The Gemini 6 mission was originally meant to send people into space. However, two astronauts thought they could have fun at the expense of mission control. So, in the spirit of Christmas, they recorded the tune. The Christmas Eve message has since been archived to be listened to by all.

Even though astronauts are allowed to take only 3.3 pounds of personal kit on the ISS, they can still bring along additional items with them. While astronauts cannot bring their loved ones back home for the Christmas holiday, they can still celebrate the season with their loved ones in the same way. A Christmas candle may seem a little tacky, but it will likely be more appreciated than a poorly wrapped gift. That’s because astronauts are forced to spend most of their time in space without gravity.

The Russians and Americans have both celebrated Christmas in space. Russian cosmonauts celebrate Russian Orthodox Christmas on the station, and astronaut Terry Virts tweeted a picture of a traditional Christmas meal on the ISS, while astronauts on Expedition 61 celebrated the holiday with a Yule log. In addition to traditional Christmas food, astronauts have also celebrated Space Christmas by offering Russian-style space milk. So, the next time you have the opportunity to celebrate the holiday in space, make it a reality.

The astronauts have been working up an appetite for a festive Christmas meal on the ISS. While the meal is unlikely to resemble a traditional Earth dinner, astronauts have been tweeting about their delicious homemade cookies and milk. It’s not a difficult task to prepare a festive dinner, even though it is not easy to eat a lot of food. In fact, one astronaut, Tracy Hopkins, has already spent two Christmases on the ISS, and she said that the food was great!