Treasure of the pyramids

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Montet contacted the Egyptian authorities when he found gold on his mission. He requested all-round security because he knows the danger that comes with a gold discovery. People come from far and wide to steal it. And some of his mission’s workers even got caught in the gold-stealing act. The gold was ultimately sent to the Egyptian museum under the protection of the army. Until the treasure of the pyramids is fully unearthed, it is difficult to say how many people will be attracted to the mysterious and mystical.

The Great Pyramid also has a chamber that is not accessible to humans. In 2002, a team of robots drilled through a stone door to film the inside. In 2003, more flexible robots were able to capture images of mysterious red hieroglyphs. A few more years later, a robot team drilled through another large “void” in the pyramid and filmed the contents. It was then discovered that a second chamber was also hidden within the tomb.