Under the waves

How to Play the Casino Online Game Under the Waves

Under the Waves is a great casual game with good graphics and features. This game uses the theme of being dragged by the current and the orange tropical fish as its high-value symbols. The turtle scatter symbol can also trigger the main feature, which allows players to double or triple their winnings. There are many bonus games available, including a free spins feature that can be triggered as long as you get three of them. This game also offers two special features that make it stand out from other casual games.

The first is to be relaxed when you’re underwater. Your breathing and body position should be in tune with the movement of the waves. Once the waves start to break, take a deep breath and try to maintain your momentum. If you’re feeling brave, you can try to ride the waves instead of diving under them. It may take a few practice sessions to perfect your skills and get over the fear of getting soaked. When the waves are small, you’ll find the right balance.

Once you’ve mastered your skills and have mastered this technique, you’ll have an easy time riding the waves. To do so, angle the nose of your surfboard upwards as the waves pass by. Once you’re under water, keep your head and eyes open so you can see your surroundings. When you emerge, make sure you’re ready to paddle! You can perform the wave passing dive in any body of water that is knee-deep or shallow enough to stand in.