Vampire hunters


The Vampire Hunters slot machine is the newest release in the Vampire slot games category. In this slot game you are required to search for innocent victims by interacting with random people on the streets and on buses and subways. When you find an innocent victim then the game will reward you with coins that can be used to buy Bottles, T-Shirts and other consumable items in the virtual world. However, you need to be careful not to get caught by any vampires while playing in this virtual slot machine game as they tend to be very cruel and thirsty for human blood.

The Vampire Hunters slot machine game has a vampire story with a variety of wild symbols and a bonus game. The bonus game includes three randomly themed scatter symbols which award you 5 free spins at the time of playing. During the free spin game, each symbol will rotate off and on screen and when you win one of the symbols you will be able to replenish your virtual bank roll. There are several characters in this vampire hunters virtual slot machine game including the vampire himself, his sidekick and his granddaughter.

The main objective of the game is to kill as many vampires as you can and to do so you must find and activate their coffins. You can also collect all the cash you can from the people you interact with in the game and purchase weapons and gadgets to aid you in your mission. Some of the symbols include the skull, chains, dagger, sword, cross and the vampire hunter hat. The symbol skull is a special symbol in the game as it is meant to represent that you have successfully completed one mission while all the other symbols’ symbol are intended to indicate things you must accomplish in order to move forward in your game.

Once you activate the coffins with a certain symbol and blood in them, you will automatically move forward to the next level. The level will progress according to the number of times you strike, or more specifically, which symbols appear on the reels. Some levels will have higher symbol placements than others and there are certain symbols that only appear a limited number of times. When you reach the fifth level you will receive a special prize based upon the symbol placement.

If you want to take this vampire hunters slot machine game to the next level you will need to know the winning combinations of the symbols you have placed on the reels. Winning the jackpot prize is based on how many of the symbols you are able to strike in a single turn. Some symbols will allow you to strike three times while others will allow you to strike five times. Some symbols will let you strike seven times and you will only be limited to four winning combinations in total.

Although this game has a very simple set of instructions it can be played by anyone who is willing to put in a little bit of time and effort. Playing this game is similar to playing other slot machines with the exception that it does not require any type of rewinding feature. Anyone can play this game because of its simplicity and the fact that it is fun to play. Anyone who enjoys playing video games should definitely try out this online version of the vampire hunters.