Top Mobile Casinos: Online Casinos for iOS Users

The online casino industry is an ever-growing multi-million industry. Millions of casino and gambling enthusiasts worldwide hop into this trend yearly. Every year, multitudes of new casino sites open their doors to the online platform. These online casinos fill the pockets of casino players with millions of jackpots through thousands of available online casino games. Many online casinos compete to reach every single casino player, no matter what type of player they may be.

The Rapid Rise of Online Casinos for Mobile Devices

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With the rise of the online casino market, online casino developers also ensure reaching the maximum number of casino fans worldwide. We are now in the age where most of our daily activities also already expanded to mobile platforms.

The online casino industry is also a part of this development. Many online casinos have now made their services available to a broader range of mobile devices. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, there will surely be a site that will best suit your needs.

Mobile Casinos: Online Casinos for iOS Device Users

Most of the mobile-ready online casinos are available in a wide range of mobile devices. However, most mobile users worldwide use Android devices, which is why more sites focus on this platform. However, online casino developers also acknowledge that a considerable percentage of mobile owners globally use iPhone or iPad devices. Thus, there is still an impressive amount of choices of online casinos available in iOS. Let us site some of the best online casinos for iOS users.

#1. JackpotCity Casino

online casino jackpot city

JackpotCity casino is a top-rated online casino for 2020. Being in the industry for 22 years taught this casino that adjusting to its customers' needs is an essential key to staying on top of the game. You can find hundreds of your favorite casino games on the site, mostly powered by Microgaming, a giant in the game development industry.

These games are of the best quality, no matter which device you use. It is most famous for its fabulous promotions and massive bonuses, including over 4,000 dollars of welcome bonus for its new registers.

#2. Spin Palace Casino

online casino spin palace

Spin Palace Casino is also another online casino giant in the industry for almost a decade. It prides in its win rate of 98% and its instant payouts that may only take a day, one of the fastest in the industry. You will enjoy the site's hundreds of game collections available on your iOS device.

Its games are from Microgaming, which is one of the most sought after software providers, so you can be sure that you will enjoy your games in the best quality known. Enjoy a variety of your favorite slots, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, and more.

#3. Betway Casino

online casino betway

Betway Casino is also a favorite among online casino players and fans. It is not difficult to love this casino, given its thousand of regular bonuses and rewards and excellent payment transactions. Betway Casino also records some of the fastest payout transactions ever made in the online casino history.

You can choose from a variety of payment methods that will best fit your lifestyle. Playing in this casino site is also worry-free, given the number of licenses and certificates it holds. You will enjoy hundreds of easy-to-install mobile casino games subject to strict online gambling fair play standards.


One significant factor that sets online casinos apart from its brick and mortar counterpart is its convenience. Through the online platform, you can now satisfy your casino needs whenever and wherever. Online gambling has also become even more convenient through its availability on many mobile devices. Online casinos allow you to have your gambling needs ready on your hands' palm through your favorite mobile device, no matter what that is.

Top Casino Destinations You Should Visit at Least Once

If you are a casino enthusiast, you most likely have your list of the top casinos you should visit at least once in your entire life. The casino industry is a glamorous world of sophistication and thrill combined. Awe-striking casinos all over the world offer a different level of exhilaration to all its visitors. Given its grandiose halls down to fellow casino enthusiasts' exciting company, no one is safe from casinos' spell.

Although its online counterpart has also been booming over the recent years, in-land casinos have not lost its loyalists. Millions of casino players still flock in fabulous casino halls around the world. The online casino platform has exciting offers, such as convenience, but nothing can ever compare to the fascinating authentic gambling experience only in-land casinos can offer. We have listed some of the top casinos you should visit on your next casino trip.

#1. Caesars Palace, Nevada

top casinos you should visit Caesars Palace

The most famous center of the casino world is probably Las Vegas. If there is one thing this state is most known for, it is its world-class casinos. One of these casinos the states prides in is the Caesars Palace in Nevada. The casino offers a luxurious casino experience themed after the beautiful ancient Roman Empire.

It welcomes its visitors with magnificent Roman architecture featuring towers, columns, and statues, including a Julius Caesar statue standing at a stunning 20 feet. You will feel like a real Roman royalty in their hotels, restaurants, bars, and 24-hour available poker rooms.

#2. Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

top casinos you should visit Casino de Monte-Carlo

Monaco is also famous for housing the most elegant casinos globally, including the Casino de Monte-Carlo. Casino de Monte-Carlo has been open for over a century and served as a social gathering center for famous aristocrats in the past.

It is under the ownership of both Monaco's monarchy and the government. This casino is a haven for the wealthiest casino enthusiasts worldwide. However, the casino is not open to the locals of Monaco. This casino might also be familiar since it is already a favorite spot for many famous casino movies.

#3. Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

top casinos you should visit Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore is one of the favorite tourist destinations for both casino fans and non-fans. Owners of this place invested over five billion dollars in building this awe-striking place, making it one of the most expensive properties. The site houses an Adventure Cove Water Park, Marine Life Park, and a Universal Studios theme park. Aside from this, you will also find here one of the largest casino game collections in the world. They offer over 500 table games plus over 2,400 slots you can play.

The casino industry has always been a center of entertainment for many populations worldwide. It services millions of gambling fans who rely on casinos as their number one source of fun. Online casinos are also already available for whenever any casino player needs to access this entertainment platform. However, if you are looking for a better casino gambling experience, resort to inland casinos. Make it even better by visiting these top casinos you should visit at least once.

Online Casinos With the Fastest and Most Reliable Payouts

When looking for the best casino sites, many players usually go for online casinos with the fastest payouts. There is no shame in wanting your winnings to reach your wallets in the quickest time possible, especially if your winnings are pretty huge.

Thousands of lucky online casino players worldwide bag life-changing amounts of jackpots. Online casinos commit to giving its players what is due to them in the quickest way possible. It is a consideration a lot of online casinos in the market acknowledge, which is why they only trust only the best methods of payments as well.

Best Payment Options for Fast Payment Transactions

online casino fastest payout

Payment transactions are essential indicators of any online casino's reliability and trustworthiness. Faulty and questionable payment transactions are some of the biggest red flags of a fake and fraudulent online casino. Thus, any player should always be critical of their payment transactions.

Giving you a lot of wait time to cash in your winnings is an early warning sign of an untrusted online casino. However, payment transactions also really differ on speed. For the fastest payouts, the following methods are your best options.

#1. Cryptocurrencies – Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are the quickest and safest mode of payment for most online casinos. However, this is not an option available for all casino sites. If you want payment transactions to be fast and secured, this method is for you.

#2. eWallets or Mobile Wallets – Wallets have also already migrated to the online or mobile platforms. This method is convenient, plus it can serve a lot of additional functions such as proper budget allotment or instant payment of bills.

Online Casinos With the Fastest and Most Reliable Payouts

If you are looking for online casinos that will allow you to cash out your winnings in the fastest way possible, here is a list you can consider.

#1. JackpotCity Casino

online casino fastest payout jackpot city

JackpotCity Casino is probably one of the few online casino sites that are winning in every single aspect. It offers an impressive range of high-quality game selections available on many mobile devices.

It provides regular rewards and generous bonuses to its customers, both loyal visitors and new registers alike. However, its most notable feature is still its fast and reliable payout. The casino commits to doing payouts within one to two days only, with its fastest recorded at same-day.

#2. Bovada Casino

online casino fastest payout bovada

Bovada also prides itself on being one of the few online casinos with the fastest payouts. Customers have limited choices regarding transaction methods, but the speed of their payout processes is remarkable.

The quickest option is still transactions using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, which can finish within hours. If you are not comfortable using that method, you can also request a bank check via mail. This method may reach up to three business days.

#3. Ruby Fortune Casino

online casino fastest payout ruby fortune

Ruby Fortune is another top-rated online casino, not only when it comes to payment transactions but also because of its excellent service. You will enjoy winning from hundreds of available games on the site. You can cash out your winnings with just one to two processing days. This casino is also generous and faithful in giving regular bonuses, usually done monthly. Customer support is also impressive, being operational at any time of the day.

When trusting an online casino site, you must check payment transactions. Remember that your winnings are the prizes of your usage of your hard-earned money. As a customer, you deserve to receive what you gained without any hurdles. Try considering these online casinos with the fastest payouts for a more stress-free online gambling experience.

Most Prominent Poker Players in the Casino Industry

Many casino fanatics worldwide are probably dreaming of being on par with the skills of the most famous poker players in casino history. Poker, both in in-land casinos and online sites, is a favorite for several casino enthusiasts. It is a game that requires critical and logical thinking, probability computation, and a lot of tactic building. Although it is not as simple and straightforward as your favorite slots, poker is a great platform to increase your winnings.

We now know many prominent casino players who have built up their names and climbed up the casino ladder through poker games. Many poker professionals have gained many of their winnings through tournaments enjoyed by thousands of poker fans worldwide.

However, gaining prominence in the game is also not a comfortable journey. Most poker giants the industry now knows spent years of dedication in the game to gain mastery and build up their earnings. Indeed, prominent poker players deserve a spotlight for reaching whatever they have now.

Here is our list of some of the most famous poker players known in casino history. Read further and see if your favorite is on our list.

#1. Doyle Brunson

most famous poker players doyle

Doyle Brunson holds one of the most prominent legacies in the Poker world. He dedicated 50 years of his life mastering and championing the craft. Doyle holds many notable accomplishments, including one of only three players who won two consecutive World Series of Poker.

He also held the record of winning the main event with the Highest ITM Main Event finish twice. Doyle is also among the only four players who won the World Series more than once. Overall, he won ten World Series Of Poker with total estimated tournament earnings of 6.1 million dollars.

#2. Chip Reese

most famous poker players chip

Many casino fans agree that American gambler David Edward Reese, or most commonly known as “Chip Reese,” is the greatest poker player in history. Chip Reese holds a total of three Poker titles in the World Series: Seven-Card Stud Split (1978), Limit Seven Card Stud (1982), and H.O.R.S.E World Championship (2006).

He has earned over 3.5 million dollars from his tournaments alone. Reese joined the Poker Hall of Fame in 1991 as the youngest one on the list. After he died in 2007, a David Chip Reese Memorial Trophy became included in the winners H.O.R.S.E World Championship to honor his achievements.

#3. Bryn Kenney

most famous poker players bryn

Bryn Kenney is one of the newest favorites and giants to watch out for in the Poker world. In 2019, he landed the third place in the Triton Million event, bagging over 20.5 million dollars of winnings. Since his first live tournament in 2007, Kenney has always been a consistent top-five contender in his competitions. He is most famous for his impressive bluff in the 2015 P.C.A. Main Event.

The casino industry is still an ever-growing industry. Coming with its growth is the introduction of more and more gambling giants who conquer the casino gambling world. Many casino fanatics are turning to be experts and professionals in the field each day. Who knows if tomorrow, you are already on the list of the most famous casino or poker players of all time.